Osteopathy & Sport

Sports: how to optimize your treatment in osteopathy?

Many athletes experience regular pain during or after exercise. How to take care of yourself and maximize your potential?
As a former top athlete, I know your expectations and constraints! My various specialties (D.U rehabilitation after sport injuries, kinesio taping and osteopathy) allow me today to have a wide and precise therapeutic range but also to benefit from an adequate field of action and this, according to your pathology. Osteopathy can affect your pain Spinal cord (spine and sacrum) Nervous (sciatica, carpal tunnel, cruralgia …) Articular (shoulder, elbow, knee, ankle …) Prepare your body for sports events.

A session in osteopathy will relax your various tensions at the origin of fragile areas, prevent various pathologies, reduce the risk of many of your injuries, improve your athletic abilities through better blood supply and optimal functioning of your muscles, speed up your time recovery and adjust your movement compared to practiced sport promoting a better profitability of your gesture while decreasing the constraints on your body.

Depending on your pain, you will also benefit from my know-how in the following techniques:
Strapping = a means of restraint with the help of adhesive tapes, which makes it possible to reduce the amplitude of the lesion movement and thus to prevent the recurrence of an injury or to reduce its severity.
Kinesio-taping = laying of strips with intermingled fibers allowing the sliding of the subcutaneous tissues between them. The benefit will be a release of subcutaneous arterioles to improve microvascularization and prevent injury.

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