Osteopathy & babies

Osteopathy & babies

Following birth an appointment with an osteopath can be beneficial in helping to relieve some of the stresses and strains the baby may have suffered during the pregnancy and the birth process. Different causes might lead to strains like the compression during the labour resulting in problems such as problems feeding, settling, and sleeping, reflux, colic or constant crying, digestion problems, winding, altered bowel movements, sinus problems, torticollis and plagiocephally (flat or odd shaped head).

Osteopathy for babies is very gentle, using subtle techniques including cranial osteopathy, to help relieve some of the tension. I will also to provide some advice to parents to help them to make their babies more comfortable at home.

When shall a baby come to see an osteopath?

  • if the delivery was triggered and / or was under epidural
  • if the delivery was too long (more than 12h) or too fast (less than 3h)
  • if the presentation of the baby was made by the seat
  • if the cord is wrapped around the neck in case of pre-maturity
  • if the belly of the mother has been pressed to facilitate expulsion
  • when using forceps, suction cup or spatulas
  • in case of cesarean section
  • in case of fetal distress or resuscitation of the baby
  • in case of twin birth
  • if the baby is arching backwards when taking it or when giving it a feed
  • if the baby has a flat head in the back
  • if the baby turns his head very often on the same side
  • if the baby is crying all the time and / or for no apparent reason
  • if the baby sleeps badly
  • if he regurgitates
  • if he suffers colic, has difficulty in pushing, presents few stools
  • if he has trouble taking a breast or bottle
  • if he fell from his changing table, after supervision and medical examination
  • if he has a bad position of the feet, hips
  • if he has strabismus after 6 months of life
  • if he has otitis, bronchitis, recurrent rhinitis
  • if he leaves his tongue constantly and he has a tendency to drool outside the feedings or on the contrary
  • if he never pulls the tongue
    If one or more of these situations occur, it is recommended to consult an osteopath.Even without apparent functional disturbance, a consultation allows the baby to start well in life. The sooner your baby is seen, the less he will need sessions. The ideal is to show your baby to your osteopath in the first month of his life for a checkup.

What technics do I use ?

The techniques are gentle mobilizations of the viscera and joints. For the skull, the movements are imperceptible. Structural techniques are never practiced with force in a child.

Warning ! In some cases, it is necessary to see the pediatrician before an osteopath. If you have any doubt, ask the doctor directly.

The techniques I perform are very gentle, non-painful and not traumatic for your child. The benefits of pediatric osteopathy are unfortunately not recognized by all health professionals.

An osteopathic consultation does not replace the consultation of the pediatrician. If you have any concerns or doubts about your child’s health, call your doctor. For emergencies, dial 15 or go to the nearest pediatric emergency room.

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