Cupping therapy

Cupping therapy

The use of suction cups is a process used since time immemorial to act on various pathologies. This medicine has reflex effects on joint, muscle or ligament mechanics. The action of the suction cups thus makes it possible to decongest and soothe the pain, to revive the circulatory system following shocks or bruises but also to relieve respiratory damage (bronchitis, asthma …) and / or aesthetic (adherent scars … ).

What purpose ?

Placed on the skin, the suction cups act on several levels: vascular, cutaneous, muscular and nervous. The venous circulation, the connective tissue, the inter-aponeurotic spaces, the tendons, the muscles, the cellulite and the nerves are then released from their tension (s) and regain their balance. The suction cup application protocols are based on different points:
– the reflex points or trigger points, sensitive to palpation
– dermatomes, precise cutaneous points having a projection on an organ.

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