Osteopathy for everyone

Why consulting an osteopath ?

Osteopath supports people of all ages, from baby to senior, from pregnant women to high-level athletes. A session begins after a complete interrogation conducted by me with various tests. If I detect a major contraindication such as a paralyzing disc herniation or pneumothorax, I put an end to the consultation that will not be charged ; I will then refer you to a physician.

When to perform a session in osteopathy?

  • to take care of yourself without having any particular problem.
    Even if you do not feel any specific pain or even if you may not have any apparent pathological disorder, you are not in tip-top condition : you may have an imbalance or a tension that requires an osteopathy session.
  • following trauma or pains due to a car accident, a fall, a poor posture…
    Your body is unbalanced and can not regain its natural state by itself. In this case, osteopathy can relieve and help to restore your bones and articulations mobilities by appropriate manipulations.

How is an osteopathy session ?

First of all, we will talk about your medical history then you will explain me your expectations according to your session.

I invite you to bring me the day of your appointment your last medical exams if you have some (MRI, scan, X-rays…).

Secondly, by soft manipulations, I will diagnose the cause(s) of your uneasiness by detecting tensions and / or imbalances located in your joints, muscles, ligaments or viscera that can cause your discomfort, your pain or maybe vertigo.

I am using 2 methods neither abrupt nor painful :

– the functional technique, a gentle manipulation based on muscle stretching and reflex points

– the structural technique whitch consists in rhythmic mobilizations and quick joint adjustments

Price and duration

A session costs 50 euros.
It takes about 30 minutes to 40 minutes.
Contact Erwan Motais 06 61 00 40 61.

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