Niromathé® method

What is the Niromathé® method?

The Niromathé ® method was born from the collaboration of Dr. Raymond Branly and Thierry Vandorme, both osteopaths.
Created in 1997, this technique is simple and risk free. Open to all, it is used for many indications. The Niromathé treatment method differs from conventional osteopathy because it is a non-manipulative method.
In osteopathy, a dysfunction leads to a mechanical blockage that causes osteoarticular and visceral congestion. To unblock this dysfunction, Niromathé ® works on the skin by reflex and allows reprogramming the system so that it regains its state of balance. This method has a direct action, polarized and vibratory which makes it painless.

Niromathé ® method

Here are some statistics about this method:
– In 30% of cases, the improvement is spontaneous when there are no inflammations associated with somatic dysfunction
– In 30% of cases, improvement occurs 3 days later
– In 30% of cases, improvement occurs 8 days later; this is usually the time needed for the disappearance of inflammation

When discomfort persists, a second or even a third session will be necessary. This usually concerns chronic cases.

– In 10% of cases, it is the failure beyond 3 sessions.

Who is the Niromathé® method for?

You have the following symptoms:
– Cervicalgia (torticollis), back pain, lumbago (Lumbagos), sacralgia, coccygodynia.
– Headaches, migraines.
– Sinusitis, facial pain.
– Tendinitis whatever their location.
– Periarthritis, capsulitis, bursitis.
– Inflammatory calcifications (calcified tendinitis of supraspinous, large plantar ligament).
– Osteoarthritis.
– Facial, cranial, cervico-brachial, thoracic, abdominal, sacral, crural, sciatic neuralgia.
– You have acute or chronic digestive problems: pharyngitis, oesophagitis, gastritis, colitis, cystitis, haemorrhoidal congestions, gynecological disorders.
– Other less mechanical but more somatic disorders can also be worked with the Niromathé® method: – Insomnia – Dizziness – Crying infant Overall, 60 to 70% of functional pains and disorders are of mechanical origin and therefore involve osteopathic treatment and will heal with it.


The session last 30 minutes and cost 50€


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